The Messenger

DNA Extraction of Peas - The DNA is the stringing stuff.

DNA Extraction of Peas – The DNA is the stringing stuff.

When I first read Sahm’s prompt, I immediately started writing a poem about being a mother, about purpose, significance, and lost identity, blah, blah, blah. Ah, the trials and tribulations of losing one’s self to a greater purpose.  I haven’t figured that out. I shelved the poem.

Here’s a better idea. Chronic illness. Yes. That definitely causes trials and tribulations. But, Sahm is looking for the bright side; overcoming our current adversity. The good news is my illness is not life threatening, although it truly does affect every system in my body. I have lived with it a long time. It isn’t visible, so unless I tell you about it, you’d never know. Before I share my short Senryu, I will say that my bright side is diagnosis and medicine. The prize: my health and well-being.

The Messenger

Synchronizing life within
Functioning impaired
Integral systems at war.

© Robin Tjernagel 2013

All Rights Reserved. Contact Author For Permissions.

That was a cheery bit of poetry. Sometimes, life is serious. And, the very nature of the prompt led me in this direction.

Prompt: Trial and Tribulation. Using any form you like, write of a situation (nothing too personal) that has caused you stress, anxiety, pain or any other negative emotion.  How did you overcome it?  What helped you to keep your eyes on the prize?

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  1. All of those things listed could be a trial or tribulation…I know it’s a challenge to not second guess ourselves as writers…I have a feeling that anything that you would have penned from your heart would have worked!

  2. Rob – is this YOU saying you have a chronic illness? I’m a bit thick in the morning, sitting here sipping my coffee. Integral systems at war – that’s a powerful way of stating things at odds in our biology.

    • Yes, I do have a chronic illness. It can throw me totally off sometimes, but usually it’s just there like a passenger in my body. I don’t think I ever wrote about it before. I’m not sure why I did this time, other than that poetry prompt. I like “things at odds in our biology.” :)

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