The Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry: Celebrating Risk and Invention in Poetry

My Poetry.Ben Franklin.Rainbow

If you write poetry, this might interest you. First prize is $1000.00. There are more cash prizes for runner’s-up poetry. Time is short, so you should check it out right away. The deadline is November 15. Click here for poetry contest. Full information about the contest is found at Philadelphia Stories, … Continue reading

Let Your Heart Guide You – Share Your World 34


More wisdom from my cup of tea. Tonight, the message hanging from the string on my tea was “Let Your Heart Guide You”. I often operate from my head, where an endless list of shoulds and shouldn’ts compete. I don’t really believe that emotions are always trustworthy when it comes … Continue reading

My Quest to Find Purpose

As I wrestle with what it means to “be yourself”, I have been contemplating my purpose. My head is spinning with ideas about what that means and how I find it. Live In the Present I worry. I think about the “what ifs”. I am a time traveler. Some of … Continue reading

Photos on the Run

This week’s Pixelventures prompt is to go for a walk and snap a few photos, then choose the best one and use a photo app to edit. I had a lot of errands to run today – four different stores- and not a lot of time for walking, except for my … Continue reading